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School of Medicine at a Glance:



The School of Medicine at Urmia University of Medical Sciences is proud to emphasize that through an integrated approach, our students acquire knowledge and competencies for their future occupation, as well as, problem solving skills and excelling high ethical standards. The school has a long and proud history of nation-leading research and educational innovation. Our vision is national and international leadership in improving health through innovation in research and education. This inspires our mission of social responsibility by developing leaders, contributing to our communities, and improving the health of individuals and populations through the discovery, application and communication of knowledge.

The School has widespread programs on clinical sciences covering M.D., Residency (Specialty), and fellowship programs. It offers versatile graduate degrees (M.Sc., MPH & Ph.D.) in basic sciences as well. Faculty members are known as the prominent clinicians and scientists of the country, not only in terms of didactic training but also in clinical skills transfer.

The School is dedicated to innovation in education, research excellence, ethics and integrity, and comprehensive clinical services, specifically the most challenging clinical circumstances.

By having a comprehensive number of academic staff in basic besides clinical sciences, School of Medicine is the main School of Urmia University of Medical Sciences.



Potential for Growth:

With a strong foundation, the School of Medicine envisions continued growth and development. Plans include expanding research capacities, fostering international collaborations, and integrating emerging medical technologies into the curriculum. The school's potential lies in its ability to adapt to evolving healthcare landscapes and contribute meaningfully to medical science.


Research and Innovation:

The School of Medicine is a hub for medical research, contributing to advancements in various medical disciplines. Research initiatives focus on addressing regional health challenges and exploring innovative solutions. The school's commitment to research not only enhances academic knowledge but also has practical implications for improving healthcare delivery.




Misson and Vision:

The mission of the School of Medicine is to educate medical students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows in accordance with the highest professional standards; to prepare clinicians to practice patient-centered medicine of the highest standard; and to identify and answer fundamental questions in the mechanisms, prevention, and treatment of disease in health care delivery and in the basic sciences.

Students become leaders in the delivery of excellent and compassionate health care and leaders are lifelong learners. Our knowledge is applied to healing and promoting the well-being of the people of the region. We collaborate to translate research into real health benefits, achieving health and health care equality as a common goal; likewise, diversity is our foremost strength

Academic Level:



More than 1100 Student

Master of Science

More than 90 Student

More than 10 Student

Specialized clinical assistant

More than 300 Students



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