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Vice Chancellor for Education

    Dr.Rahim Mahmodlou

    Tel : +98-4431937399



Vice chancellor for education is one of the main chancellors of any Medical University. The principal responsibility of vice chancellor for education is to design major strategies in all levels of education. The main academic activities include educational planning, curriculum designing, educational data base gathering, evaluating, score analysis, promoting educational qualities, educational consulting, research in education, clinical qualifying exams. These activities are extended in the educational programs of Medical, Dentistry, Nursing and Midwifery, Paramedical and Health Faculties. In order to train required human resources and attract competent faculty members, the Vice Chancellor for Education is responsible for organizing and directing educational affairs of the university at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, fellowship, and sub-specialty levels. It is also responsible for academic policymaking, coordinating activities, provision of support for academic activities, supervision over proper enforcement of the assigned responsibilities of the associated institutions, as well as planning to promote educational quality.


Responsibilities and Goals: 

·        Planning and preparing general principles of academic programs

·        Continuously evaluating students and academic members

·         Planning and supervising short term educational courses

·        Supervising and administering Medical Education Development Center

·        Reviewing necessary changes and developments in curricula    

·        Constant monitoring of the good performance of each school

·        Decision making to improve the quality of teaching and the proposed principles in this area

·        Planning special programs for gifted students

·        Communicating with other universities and educational institutes in order to do student and educational exchanges   

·        Study and making decisions on educational issues of students in terms of their scientific and practical developments.

·        Preparing and filing the general principles of academic programs and monitoring their implementation after approval.

·        Evaluation the educational programs and comment on the change or develop them.

·        Monitoring student’s active military duty and issuing certificate of employment to their

·        Monitoring completion certificate of graduate studies, transcripts and degree confirmation.

·        Monitoring registration and unit selection of students of different academic disciplines.

·        Preparing and filing statistics and information from different disciplines and send them to the competent authority.

·        Monitoring transfer of students according to the specified rules and regulations.

·        Communicate with other universities and educational institutions inside or outside the country for educational and students exchange.

·        Dealing with interweaving and unraveling issues relating to applicants continuing education of postgraduate and PhD programs in the field of basic science and specialized in clinical fields.

·        Investigation of graduate educational case since enrolled until graduation based on some rules

·         Inquiry from Management of educational affairs in order to graduate benefit from facilities of welfare Fund.


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