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In lines with the predefined strategies by the Research and Technology deputy this office aims to organize and facilitate the design approval process of research project, to make sure projects are carried out according to the schedule, they are satisfactorily peer-reviewed and finalized. Seeking grant opportunities for projects in collaboration with other institutes, organizing scientific output of the schools for timely publication and documenting them according to the institute's rules and coordinating for scientific council and ethics committee meetings and preparing the final drafts from these meetings are other responsibilities' of the office. In order to better provide a faster access to: scholarly data, the office has established a database in collaboration with the Information Technology Office of the institute. This database allows users to register their proposals and update them as quickly as possible.




·       Formulating research policies for the University.


·       Auditing the University’s annual research output.


·       Establishing effective collaboration with other national and international research establishments and industries to exchange scientific services and identify.


·       Learning opportunities for academic members such as sabbatical leaves.


·       Management of the official affairs related to research activities.


·       Organizing the University’s research programs within the framework of basic research goals and priorities.


·       Publication of books, journals and bulletins to disseminate the results of research activities and provide the means for communication between researchers.


·       Supervising research–related publications of affiliated institutions.


·       Management of University libraries and databanks.


·       Promotion of innovation and collaboration with industry.


·       Provision of infrastructure, facilities and equipment for and maintaining research centers.


Vice Chancellor for Research


Dr.Saber Gholizadeh

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