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Chronology of the Chancellors





 Dr. Alaeddin Mehri, M.D., Cardiologist 1986-1992 
 Dr. Aboltfath Lameie, M.D., Infectious Disease Specialist 1992-1994
 Dr. Javad Aghazadeh, M.D., Neurosurgeon 1994-2000
 Dr. Nemat Bilan, M.D., Pediatrician 2000-2002
 Dr. Ali Taghizadeh Afshari, M.D., Urologist 2002-2006
 Dr. Nosratollah Mollazadeh, M.D., Infectious Disease Specialist 2006-2011
 Dr. Koroush Saki, M.D., Psychiatrist 2011-2013
 Dr. Javad Aghazadeh, M.D., Neurosurgeon 2013-2021
Dr. Mohammad Amin Valizad, Professor of Anesthesiology 2021-


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