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The School of Health inaugurated in 1993 and has since grown to become one of the prominent schools of the country in health sciences. The school offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including bachelor’s degrees in Public Health, School Health, Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, and Environmental Health Engineering (with a total of 344 students), and Master’s degrees in Ergonomics, Health Economics, Health Services Management, Health Education and Health Promotion, Vector Biology and Control of Diseases, Occupational Health and Safety Engineering, and Environmental Health Engineering (with a total of 94 students). The school is supported by 25 capable faculty members and specialized facilities and laboratories.



Educational Focus:

The School of Health at Urmia University of Medical Sciences is dedicated to fostering public health awareness, preventive care, and community well-being. Its creation was a response to the growing need for health professionals with a focus on community well-being.

The School of Health provides comprehensive programs in public health, environmental health, and health promotion. Students gain a holistic understanding of health challenges and learn strategies for community-based interventions. The faculty, consisting of experienced public health professionals, instills a passion for preventive healthcare.






Community-Centric Approach:

The school takes a community-centric approach, emphasizing the role of health professionals in promoting wellness at the population level. Graduates are equipped with skills to address public health issues, implement health education programs, and contribute to improving overall community health.


Aspirations for the Future:

Looking forward, the School of Health envisions expanding its impact. Plans include strengthening ties with community organizations, leveraging technology for health promotion, and actively participating in public health research. The school's potential lies in its commitment to producing health professionals who actively contribute to creating healthier communities.



Academic Level:

Bachelor of Science 270
Master of Science 84
ph.D *
Academic Staff 26
Educational Departments 5
Students 354





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