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Our mission is to provide the best therapeutic and educational facilities for patients and students.


Shahid Motahari hospital was first established in 1928 with 25 beds.

At the moment this hospital has 286 beds, emergency department, and operation room and covers an area of 22000 square meters with 9 blocks and provides the highest treatment standards as the main pediatric referral center in the northwest of Iran. As a teaching hospital, Shahid Motahari university hospital is dedicates to training new physicians both in internship and residency level. This hospital, with 27 faculty members provides education for 85 medical students, 70 internship and 27 residency students, and 38 nursing students.

Educational Facility includes one library and two well equipped conference halls.


We are planning to equip our center for the most up-to-date medical knowledge and best practices. Besides we have applied to offer fellowship courses in neonatal and gastroenterology fields and planning to expand this field.

We have also plans to offer more positions for international students seeking educational opportunities.

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