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About Us:



School of dentistry is the first dental education institute in West Azerbaijan. The school stays ahead of the ever-progressing field of dentistry. It introduces students to the most up-to-date advances in theory, materials and technology. Students also learn to add empathy to their theoretical and technological knowledge.

The school provides students with a broad education and in-depth training in laboratory technique and theory. It also trains students in dental hygiene and other related fields so that they will be able to give service to society in their related fields.


Innovative Practices:

The school is at the forefront of dental research and innovation. Research initiatives focus on improving dental techniques, addressing oral health disparities, and contributing to the broader field of dentistry. Students actively engage in research projects, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.


Future Vision:

Looking forward, the School of Dentistry envisions further advancements. Plans include expanding research capabilities, fostering collaborations with dental institutions globally, and embracing emerging technologies in dental education and practice. The school's potential lies in its commitment to producing dentists who contribute to oral health improvements in the community.



The mission of the School is to advance health by:

·Providing the highest level of care to our patients
·Educating the preeminent dentists in the future
·Leading oral health discovery and innovation
·Meeting the oral health needs of our community
·Making a real change in the health of our underserved
Creating a humanistic culture integrating oral health care into the overall healthcare

Number of Iranian and International Student:

D.D.S.: More than 200 Students

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