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  • Apr 25 2024 - 13:49
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According to the International Affairs Office of UMSU

International University Day Held in Conjunction with the Sixth Day of Health Week

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, coinciding with the sixth day of Health Week, the first International University Day ceremony was held with the attendance of a group of provincial and university directors and officials.

In this ceremony, Mr. Ebrahimi, Deputy for Political and Social Affairs of the Governorate, pointed to the importance of the province's relations with neighboring countries and emphasized the development of these interactions as one of the Governor's goals.

Dr. Vali Zadeh, President of the University of Medical Sciences, while emphasizing the importance of internationalizing the university, presented a report on the university's actions to achieve this goal.

He stated: "During the past two years, the number of international students at the university has more than doubled to over 470."

He added: "The University of Medical Sciences and the province's medical centers have also made valuable achievements in the field of medical tourism. Providing medical services to more than 3,000 patients from 20 foreign countries indicates the position of UMSU in the field of education and treatment in the country."

In the continuation of the ceremony, Dr. Fathi, Deputy for Education and Research of the Royan Institute, while appreciating the successes of UMSU in the field of internationalization, announced the holding of the Third International Wana Congress (West Asian and North African Countries) from May 16 to 17, 2024 in the West Azerbaijan province.
Also, on the sidelines of this ceremony, an exhibition was held to introduce the university's educational and treatment capabilities in the international field.

At the end of this ceremony, top students and activists in the fields of science, culture, and sports were honored with awards.

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